Welcome to Match Grade Machine aka MGM. We are a company that specializes in building custom Thompson Center rifles, and pistols. T/C Encore, and T/C Contender custom barrels, Pro Hunter, and G2 barrels.

We offer hundreds of calibers from the most popular factory rounds to obscure and hard to find wildcat cartridges. We are dedicated to building the highest quality, most accurate custom barrels on the market today.

Check out our MGM Thompson Center Encore and Contender custom barrels on our gun shop website:

Here you’ll find MGM Encore & Contender Scope Bases:

Here is our Current Inventory if you would like to see a list of custom barrels we currently have on the shelf. These barrels are the exact same as what a custom barrel would be BUT there’s NO waiting for them to be built! They can be shipped as soon as they are ordered: